Saturday, November 22, 2014

Neo School Hack: Engelings and Teuflings

Okay, so I'm back on the righteous path of my hack of the esteemed Old School Hack.  This bit is a deviation from the Anubia campaign material I was developing but I wanted to do some stuff for my work-in-progress campaign world.  That world features a period called the War of Angels and Demons during which demi-god beings from another dimension called demons and angels left their mark on the world in many ways--including the bloodlines of mortal beings.  The classic D&D aasimar and tiefling player races fit the bill perfectly here, but I need to adapt them to Neo School Hack.  Also, I've never liked the name "aasimar", because an angelic creature shouldn't have a name with "ass" on the front of it.  No, it should not.  Anyway, as with the previous races presented each one has racial talents which can only be taken by characters of that race.  Given that these races have a bit of the hallowed/fel within them which could manifest in many ways in a mortal I gave them each six talents to choose from rather than the usual three--but they can only ever take a maximum of three from those six.

Teufling (those with demonic ancestry)

There's One Born Every Minute/focus: detect Good
Can't Catch Me/constant: +1 bonus to Daring rolls
Nether Umbra/focus, encounter: aura of deep darkness, 20' radius; 1 minute or instantaneous nullification of light spells
Venom Veins/constant: poisonous blood
Boo!/rested: suddenly contort your face in a horrific (but painful) manner; +2 to rolls frighten or intimidate
Tail of Woe/constant: you have a long devil tail (not prehensile nor strong enough to use as a weapon by itself)

Engeling (those with angelic ancestry)
Something Wicked This Way Comes/focus: detect Evil
Pure Blood/constant: +1 bonus to resisting disease
Strongheart/constant: +1 bonus to Commitment rolls
Heavenly/focus, encounter: +2 bonus to Charm
Like an Angel/focus, encounter: bright golden light in the shape of a halo or wings (pick one on taking this talent) sheds light, 20' radius; 1 minute or instantaneous nullification of darkness spells
Chicken Soup for the Soul/focus, rested: cure one disease on someone

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