Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dungeony Door Rules for Old School Hack

One thing you "need" for a D&D sytle game, particularly if it will involve dungeons, is rules for doors and other obstacles which need bashing.  Below are some guidelines for that sort of thing for Old School Hack.  There are lots of kinds of doors, etc. but most doors cannot be significantly damaged by light weapons (wooden quarterstaff, dagger, etc.) or most stabby weapons (spear, arrow).  Just imagine trying to break through your front door by shooting arrows at it.  Therefore light and stabby weapons cannot be used on doors (unless, maybe, they're magic).  Directly applying Brawn works, but may take quite a bit of effort, measured here by how many successful checks you need to finally bash/bend/lift/bust the object in question.  Bashing with Brawn doesn't mean you totally destroy the object, just damage/unseat it enough to allow convenient passage.
  • Ordinary Wooden Door: AC 8//1 HP//Brawn successes: 1
  • Heavy Wooden Door: AC 8//2 HP//Brawn successes: 2
  • Bronze Door: AC 12//3 HP//Brawn successes: 3
  • Iron Door: AC 14//4 HP//Brawn successes: 4
  • Mythril or Adamantite Door: AC 16//5 HP//Brawn successes: 5
  • Bend Bars: AC 12//3 HP//Brawn successes: 1
  • Lift Gates: AC 12//3 HP//Brawn successes: 2
  • Bust Chains/Manacles : AC 12//3 HP//Brawn successes: 2

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