Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How about some Order of the Stick style character portraits for Roll20?

Okay, so my buddy Bill is setting us up for doing a Pathfinder game using the Roll20 program.  Now I'm pretty excited because I've always been interested in trying an online game with sort of technology.  Those of us who will be playing are putting our characters together and we're most of the way there.  But last Monday as our semi-regularly scheduled Castles & Crusades game was breaking up, Bill casually suggested that I might do some character portraits in the style of the Order of the Stick web comic.

Challenge accepted!  The primary limitation was a maximum size of 64 by 64 pixels, so I opted to do facial portraits rather than overhead or full-body images.  I figured anything less than a face would be impossible to recognize at that size. So here are the first five portraits so far, displayed a bit larger for ease of viewing.

Elf Paladin (also a prince)

Elf Bard (also a princess)

Halfling Rogue (not a princess)

Human Adventurer (psst, he's really a fighter)

Half-Orc Druid (and ladies, he's available)

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