Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hooray! My Heraldric Molding Project is Done!

Okay, so I've been working on this project to paint up many, many feet of crown molding with cool medieval heraldric shields.  There were hundreds and hundreds of shields, each requiring a painted base pattern and then ornamentation using paint, sharpie markers, and decals.  This afternoon I sprayed on the final sealing finish.  The painting is now finally (OMG finally) complete.  Now I just have to rent a nailgun somewhere and put it up without damaging it.  I am a bit worried that it might not reach all the way around the room now.  I had to remove some ends due to rough cuts or cuts which went through a shield.  I also had to get rid of a couple ends which suffered water damage from some flooding in the basement.  But I'm already thinking of adding in some sort of focal point feature, like a larger single shield, which would serve to fill in where the gap is.

But anyway, here's a look at some of the final product drying outside in Saturday's very nice weather:

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