Monday, September 30, 2013

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 32

I am writing while on the road back towards the city that was invaded by goblins.  We camp where there is also a homeless man, filled with too much firewater.  I gave some food and he came alive with fairytales of places we just came from.  His mind had already left his hollow body.  Sleep was easy this night.  Onri and I had the same watch.  Kulr and Fizzleboom have the second watch, and Brute and Trevor have the last. When Kulr is up, he works out, and it took a while for me to fall asleep into a rhythm of the noises he makes. Before we left Broderick’s house, I wanted to go back to that secret room, to look at the books.  When at the room, I could not remember how to enter. I tried to have the gnome, Fizzle Boom, go with me into the room, because Trevor wanted to sample the house wines.  Even though the room was calling out to me, I put aside the urge to enter, as Fizzelboom did not seem to appreciate the contents.

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