Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 31

The next entry in Katherine's journal continues her story:

Entry 31
If I could curse!  I am so upset with myself. Calm down so I can write.  It is morning and I don’t have much time.  Of all the ones that found out, it had to be him. He is so not like Keith.  Keith was a sorcerer, not some half mage.  And oh how Keith would have like to see the secret library I discovered.  There were books to read, and study. If only he were here now.  It seems that I was sleep walking and through some witchcraft was led to this room.  The amazing said he was following me - makes me wonder why he was following another man - or at least he thought he was following a man, or did he know – it does not matter now.  The Amazing followed me into this room, and broke the charm I was under.  This was a second time he broke the charm – just coincidence.  Or is he secretly looking after me?  But any way, he now knows of my secret.  I knew it would be difficult to keep it going.  He stated that he would be discrete and not tell.  It seems that if the amazing could make money selling my secret, he would.  Oh, how he reminds me of my father.  To finish this entry on a better note, I must tell the others soon.  Kulr is just a gentle giant, I must write of how kind he was with the children.  He carried them on his shoulders.  He would make a fine father some day.  And Brute seems good and honorable.  These two are not like anyone I have met so far.  The other half mage, Bang Fizzleout, I have not figured out yet.  Time for no more interruptions, I must sleep.  Let me find a blanketand put it over the mirror.  Was it calling out to me…

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