Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 30

The journal entries of Katherine the cleric/sorcerer continue (guest postings written by Kirk who is playing Katherine):

Entry 30
Much has again happened on this last day and night. I knew that the human half mage, the “Amazing Trevor,” was trouble. I challenged his self proclaimed leadership and then backed down, thinking patience would be a better tactic. On our trip to take the boy to the city, Adan, the first day we meet a merchant selling questionable items. Later that day we found about 19 children and they were refugees – they told us about goblins and orcs attacking the town to the north. I felt for them. (How difficult is it to keep this disguise going with this group. I am constantly swept by emotions. Back to the story…) I was torn between escorting the refugees, or to go after five more children who might be captive or worse? We decided to take the children to a temple in Adan, then to return to get the others. When we arrived there, a priest stated that parish members would provide homes for them. I gave 1/2 gp for each child, for the Temple to entrust, to help with their needs. I encouraged the amazing Trevor half mage to give some coin, too. But no. Oh, how he reminds me of what my father became.

With the refugees cared for, we next fulfilled our obligation to make sure the bastard son was returned to his master’s house. A mute servant was at the house and offered for us to stay the night. The council must have locked the house, in the absence of the council member. We must return to determine what has happened here. I felt that we should leave at once to help the five that remained. But again, I came at odds with the “amazing.” We decided to stay the night.

Let me describe the room I was to stay in. Finally a private room for myself, was large and spacious, definitely a room for a woman, but an elderly woman. It has many fancy things that I might have enjoyed, if I hadn't run away. It reminds me of my childhood days. Just one thing that is strange in this room - the mirror. I must examine it better.

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