Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 29

Readers of this blog know that I am writing up our Castles & Crusades campaign from the particular perspective of my character, The Amazing Trevor.  Poor Trevor is becoming quite smitten with the young cleric/mage with the party, the lovely Katherine.  Unbeknownst to him she has been keeping a journal since departing the monastery and the 29th entry coincides with the start of Trevor's reminiscences...

I must appear and travel as a man. I have heard of other women doing this – it should not be too bad – soon this will be over and I can go back. The curse will be lifted. This disguise will help me be less reckless with emotions.  I had to wander far away. And that is what I did.  

Entry 29
I am at an inn. Although, not from charity, but from a well done deed. First, much has happened since I last wrote and I must be brief, for I don't have much time and the ink must dry, before I leave. I must make a note that I will write of my journeys that led me here later. But first, the story at this inn, and the travels I will make in this morning…

Shortly after I arrived, I saw a noble enter. Protected by his guards he felt secure. The noble reminded me a little of my father, after mother died - caring for his wealth more than anything else. A juggler worked the bystanders, tossing flame, I could tell they were not real – half mage illusions. Then two tall brutish thugs entered. I thought they might give trouble. And then a human half mage also of note entered. Just when things got comfortable again, a loud rumbling and crashing happened and a beast of comparable size made its own doorway to the inn, through a wall.

This beast was a rare sight, even stranger that it made its way into town so boldly where it must surely be traveling to its death. Witchcraft is what I expected first. The beast charged for this noble, easily pushing the guards away. I felt for the guards and others that got injured. I called upon the deity that has stuck with me through my troubles, and asked for aide to the injured. Then I again called upon the deity, to guide and reveal to me what caused this. A sack, bent with witchcraft, around this beast’s neck controlled him. I called out to the brutes that were in melee, but all seemed preoccupied. It was up to me. Keeping my disguise well, I grabbed the sack from his neck. Then I blacked out. I came to my senses, disguise still in tack, with one of the brutes on my back. I struggled hard to keep the disguise going, but all were much more focused on the sack, that lay on the ground in front of me. The noble called out to the half mage and was grateful we had stopped the monster. The contents of the bag - definitely witchcraft.

Seeing that the fight was over, the noble went on to explain how he was a member of the city council of Adan, and that he had a mistress, who was a witch. He went on to explain that he had a son with the witch. And that he burned the witch. I'm definitely on the side of the witch with this one – greedy noble that killed his mistress. The noble should not have had a child out of wedlock, but to burn the child’s mother alive! Just more examples of abusive men - first he is unfaithful, then he manipulated us into us helping him. But that is not the end. Soon the townspeople are bewitched, and are bent at destroying him. This time it seems the bastard son is doing the controlling. We retreated to the mill, where we can defend a narrow bridge. In our defense of the bridge, we happened to find out that once the people fell into the water, the charm was broken. But, the witch got her revenge. An apparition appeared, and this forced the noble back into the water wheel, where he got caught in the wheel. The wheel took him up and over the other side, where he was crushed. It was awful. We could not leave the boy alone and orphaned. The half mage suggested that we escort the boy back to his city.  A word about these travelers: Brute is a tall and strong fellow - not to cross paths. Then there is Kulr, an even bigger fellow – he is half man, too. The juggler I mentioned earlier, his name is Boom Fizzleout, and is a gnome half mage. He seemed harmless, but enjoys playing tricks on others. There is another nameless man, he appears when needed, then pops out again, always catching fish. And last: the “Amazing Trevor”, or whatever – the other half mage that has done much talking to the noble. Must let ink dry.

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