Tuesday, December 10, 2013

D&D/Pathfinder Favorites (for Tetsubo57 on YouTube)

Okay, so one of the channels I follow on YouTube is Tetsubo57.  He does a lot of thoughtful videos on gaming (and other subjects).  On Friday he posted a D&D/Pathfinder favorite things poll, which you might find fun, and here are my responses:

1.) Race: half-elf or kitsune
2.) Class: traditionally cleric, but now tied with Pathfinder's oracle and witch
3.) Weapon: glaive
4.) Spell: Black Tentacles; delightfully creepy
5.) Feat: Eschew Materials, keeping track of materials sux
6.) Monster: hmm, maybe dragon turtle
7.) Adventure Path or module: The Desert of Desolation series for AD&D

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