Monday, December 30, 2013

Review: The Pirates of Drinax for Traveler

Okay, so I just read a post on The Pirates of Drinax campaign for Traveler by John over at the Wandering Gamist.  I still have a fondness for Traveler despite its flaws.  It was the first science fiction RPG I played, back around 1978 or so.  The character generation process was fun and I had a lot of fun generating planets and building sectors.  However we never really found a satisfying way to run a campaign with it.  We just did one-shot scenarios.  The main concept for Traveler of being the crew of a small merchant trader (a la Firefly) didn't appear to us.  Every now and then I pull it out and go over it again for a bit of nostalgia.

But John's post alerted me to The Pirates of Drinax, a free campaign for Traveler by Mongoose Publishing.  The concept is that the players accept a letter of marque from a nearly-defunct kingdom which wants to return to its glory days.  Essentially they are "legal pirates".  It has well done intro information and a set of several adventures.  It looks like it would be fun.  Check it out.


  1. Supposedly mercenary is the other crowd-favorite way to play Traveller (instead of tramp freighter). But yeah, Drinax (and piracy in general) does look like a pretty good time. I think they're only about halfway through publishing the adventures, too.

  2. I actually attempted to download that. But the system failed when it didn't offer me a payment method. For a free product.

    1. Try ?

    2. Go here and right-click on the links and "save link as..." to your computer.