Monday, December 9, 2013

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 44 "Night Encounter"

Entry 44
The campfire adds warmth and the moon is full.  I have finished writing my last journal entry earlier, and meditated.  Meditation really helps to relax and focus on channeling the divine power of the Light and this other raw energy.  I can feel a wonder beyond anything else.

The others are sleeping, and the forest night sounds are beginning.  Trevor and I have the first watch.  At some point, Trevor leaves for a nature call, and returns.  He looks right at me but does not say anything, none of the usual business talk.  Also, there is a little blood on his outfit, near his neck.  This is very unusual, and I am suspicious, although, I am usually suspicious of Trevor, lately.  He looks at the sleepers.  Something is wrong.  This is not Trevor!  He walks amongst them.  I see through the disguise.  He stops at Ohm Uri.  What happened to Trevor?  He turns his back to me.  A fear flashes through my core, as I think what happened.  My heart sinks.  I hear a dagger unsheathed.  I want to yell, but nothing.  I know this is not Trevor.  He bends down.  I reach for that circle of energy, and raise my arm.  Trevor, if it is you, forgive me.  I cry and close my eyes, and an anguish washes over my face.  This time, the force is painful and very terrible.  I see the bright red light through my closed and teared eyes.  It rocks my core foundation as a cleric and makes mockery of my promises.  The power unleashed could have killed Trevor - or me.  I finally shout out, "Intruder!"

I open my eyes and see Ohm Uri wrestling with me.  Yet, I am standing still, where I was just a moment ago.  No, there is an intruder and what looked like Trevor before, is now looking like me.  Brute is up and ready to swing, but now, is faced with a similar choice I had, but which one to attack?  One chop from the executioner and I would be split like a log of firewood.  Brute asks the other 'Katherine' first, "What do you think of Veronica?"

The other replies to my surprise, "I hate her!"  This is easy.  I may dislike her, but I would not hate.  If she is injured or in trouble, I would help her.  In fact, the very first time I saw her, I sided with her, by being against Trevor.  And, when Brute carried her off like a sack of flour, I felt for her, too.  Thinking the matter is resolved, Brute unexpectedly asks me the exact same question.

I reply, "She is misguided, I do not hold a grudge.  I had hoped that you talked some sense into her, using kind but firm words, over and over again, until it sank in."  This is enough.  Before I finish my sentence, Brute murmurs something about being naive, then turns a huge blow to the imposter.  That blow would have torn me in half and it is disturbing and sickening to see myself, my double, bleed out on the ground.  I want to strike out again, but I wait, as it changes from me back into the hideous evil vial creature it always was, and then it stops moving.

I remember it looked like Trevor.  Where is Trevor?  The blood on the neck - my heart sinks again, only briefly, for I turn and see him, aghast with a similar fear.  I don't think he saw my reaction of concern.  I can only imagine what he thought when he saw two of me, with Ohm Uri pinning my double down and me yelling. Then Brute's attack and he is powerless to stop it.  And all the blood that follows!  Also, I don't think he saw me attacking his back - oh, that would be really bad.

I try to relax and meditate.  Afterwards, I must tell Trevor.

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