Monday, December 9, 2013

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 43, Part 2 "Battle at Cliffside"

The young sorcerer-priestess Katherine makes another entry in her growing journal:

I continue with us all recovering from the landslide.  We climb down from the cliff but Kull stumbles and falls part of the way.  At the bottom, the druid , Daymond, heals him.  Soon, goblins approach from the town that were not caught in the landslide and Brute, using his bow of endless arrows, and Ohm Uri and Trevor, all kill a few goblins as they charge towards us.   But there were many and soon they closed in on us, and I summon the force disk for my shield.

An instant later Ohm Uri is skewered by a goblin's spear, and the point emerges from his back.  This is sickening and made me very concerned for Ohm Uri.  A new feeling stirs within me.  The terrible circling force is there and flows through my arm, almost uncontrolled.  I point at the goblin holding the spear, and a red light beams from the palm of my hand.  Before my eyes, a goblin, the next, it is just gone.  Strangely, I have a strong desire to do it again.  I search the entire area.  Brute scares many goblins that turn and run, but one stays.  I manage to control myself, as his blow is most gruesome, beyond anything that I can write here.  Ohm Uri, covered in the remains of the goblin, performs an awesome display of heroics by grasping the spear, hand over hand, and pulls it out of his wound, the sound is literally gut wrenching.  Then he returns the spear into a stunned goblin who is watching.  Elsewhere, Kull kills two with one swipe of his enchanted blade.  I ask Ohm Uri if he wants me to heal him, but he shrugs off the pain, and jumps back into the melee.

The battle continues, and I again search the area, and see what the goblins call the avatar.  Brute and Faylen described these earlier, but now I see them for myself.  This is a creature from another place.  Sores all over its body ooze puss, the stench smells of disease.  The head is like a deer, only twisted, and an eye larger than the other, and one of its antlers is broken.  Its armor is pieced together from scraps of other armor, nothing is harmonious, and Trevor could give it some tailoring tips.

Trevor leads off with his mastered colored light show, always a crowd pleasure.  This stuns many goblins and the avatar.  Brute follows, striking down from a jump over Kull.  This monstrosity easily gave me cause to grab that energy and, I point my hand and unleash the terrible force at its head.  Again, this feels rather good.  Kull gets the last and final blow.  Then its motionless lump falls on Kull.  I gasp, for I have heard about open sores passing the disease to others if there is contact.  But he seams alright.

Daymond causes plants to twist and grow and reach out to slow another wave of goblin attackers.  And a second avatar appears.  This one resembles a bear, and again smells of disease and has open sores about its body where patches of fur are missing.  But before Trevor could summon the light display, an image of a huge dragon appears, similar to the one Trevor is known to do.  The fire I could not escape and am weakened. Brute, Kull, and Ohm Uri finally slay the creature, and its head is severed.   We notice a charm bag about its neck, and we realize that the charm reflected Trevor's dragon image.

While we wait for yet a third wave of attackers, I heal Ohm Uri, using a scroll that I prepared ahead of time.  This scroll stored the energy necessary to focus and I again called on the Light to heal the wound the spear caused.

A new third avatar attacks Daymond and his body is flung out of view, and then his wolf also goes flying a moment later.  This one has a head like a goat and carries a club, the size of  a tree.  Ohm Uri charges with a bounce on its foot, and again all three fight, landing blows after blows.  Then Kull lays the final blow.  Quickly, we find the druid and the wolf.  The wolf died, but the druid is alive and his leg is bent unnaturally, the bone broken.  I reached for the last scroll I have, and it allows me to call upon the Light once more, and as it happened, without anyone touching it, the leg straightens and the bone heals.

We survey the scene, and hear sounds of movement near the town, but they move away.  It is the tattered army, or what is left of it, leaving.  I look at bodies of the goblins, and notice some have developed sores, similar to the sores on the avatars.  They must have contracted the disease.

The trip back is tiresome; I am worn out.  In a routine, I nursed our wounded bodies back to health.  We take the druid, and his animals, including the body of the wolf, back to his grove on the other side of the lake.  Then we return with the boat to our horses and proceed back to Aden.  Once we are back to the cart, I start to relax.  We return close by Faylen's cave and say our farewells, as she does not want to return to the city.  I am quiet and lost in thought.  I plan my move back in the city and hope Priest Lore will allow me to stay at the temple, seeing how I helped to stop the goblin army.  Maybe I can claim a spot in the cellar to experiment.  We stop off of the road to camp, eat, and rest for the night.  I record this journal entry, then will meditate.

In reflection of this trip into and out of danger, I want write a few thoughts.  Brute sought Death and looked it straight in the eye, and defied it.  I sought Life, and found mostly Death, too.  I could have trained to be a fighter and fought along side of Brute or Kull adding to the ranks.  Or be a singer or even the stealthy and work from the shadows.  I even had, or maybe still do have, a chance to be a sorceress.  But my place is a channeler of the Light, a holy person, a cleric.  I found my being, and would dread the world if I could not be this. 

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