Monday, December 15, 2014

Neo School Hack: Metal Dragons

The Metal Dragons, or Argent Dragons, are creatures of the element of metal.  They come in silver, white, and metallic gray.

  • Melted/innate, constant: metal dragons are vulnerable to elemental fire and take an extra wound from this type of magic
  • Saurian Soaring/innate, constant: dragons have large, powerful wings which give them the power of flight.
  • Argent Bolt/innate, focus, encounter: a silvery lightning bolt breath weapon; covers a 45 degree cone out to 60 feet; damage of 4 wounds, halved if make a Daring save; victims stunned and unable to move that round or the next
  • Adamantium Scales/focus, encounter: channeling metallic elemental energy into her scales, the dragon turns them into admantium for a short time; +4 to AC, lasts 1 minute.
  • Mirror Field/encounter: placing one or more claws on a surface you cause a smooth sheet of magical mirrors to appear in a 100 foot radius; any creature but metal dragons will see 1-3 illusionary reflections of any creature or object on the mirrors; one reflection can be seen for what it is by passing a Commitment save
  • Wall of Brass/focus, encounter: with a bit of concentration, you create a wall of brass up to 600 square feet in height and length and 6 inches in thickness; it remains for 10 minutes or one action scene
  • Magnetic Mastery/focus:the dragon generates a magnetic field which can be used to repel (+2 to AC or Brawn save required to approach), attract (pulls all objects in a 60 foot radius towards the dragon, with Brawn save required to resist), or cancel gravity in a 100 foot radius.
  • Now There Be Rust/constant: the element of metal can be withdrawn from objects made of iron, steel, or copper (including bronze and brass), reducing them to dusty corrosion; range of 10 feet
  • Scaly Sorcery: the dragon has studied a wizard grimoire and can cast one spell from it; dragons only become fascinated with one grimoire and will learn only spells from that one tome; this talent may be taken once for every spell in that grimoire.

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