Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 58

My meeting with my superior goes better than most, for she agrees that my actions were best, regarding the codex.  How should I phrase my next question.  I want to be more than just a temple cleric.  I want to serve the community, to be accepted and advance in the priesthood.  Her reaction is worse than I imagined.  She believes the group I traveled with, especially Trevor, is trouble.  She again mentions the practice of sorcery.  I want to explain that I am unique and talented, and only use it for good.  She stops me short and tells me that others are scared - of me. 

I am stunned.  All my hopes are gone, crashing down like the rocks that fell and destroyed the monstrous army this past summer.  I hide a tear, as my mind races to find something.  How can I be here, but also not be here?  Do I break from the temple?  What about the new members of mine?  Then an idea.  I suggest to be in charge of a new orphanage since this town has none.  I would be in the community, but be away from it.  I tell her I have a rather large house by the water, but would make sure it is okay with my friends, first.  My followers and I can staff it.  My friends can be there, too.  Then the best news, the high priestess gives me her blessing to begin it.

About these friends, I thought that we would go our separate ways, but the Light works to keep us together.  Two issues must be handled.  First, the others should agree to let me use the river house for the orphanage.  And second, for some strange reason, Brute has a strong desire to report our failure to get the codex for Kalif. 

About the orphanage, Brute and Ohm Uri are fine with it.  Trevor agrees.  He is also very upset.  He spent an entire day overseeing workers to move almost everything out of the house.  He is more concerned with furniture and wine than with helping children, especially when they are so vulnerable.  But there is some good, for many secret passageways and a nasty trap are discovered. 

My superior must be right about Trevor.  When he was moving items from the house, he finds a locked chest.  He tells Ohm Uri to open it without first checking if it is trapped.  Trevor knows that I can uncover and find traps.  I am elsewhere, however, and it seems that Trevor is up to his old tricks, again.  Ohm Uri opens the lock and acid sprays, burning his face.  Then Trevor uses an illusion to hide the wound.  I eventually tend to the burn, but how can Trevor act this way?

The chest holds a single ring.  Finally, Trevor has smarts and gives it to me, so I can examine it.  I move into a different room, so the new followers do not see what I am about to do.  I have a knack with sorcery, so, I take the ring and start singing softly.  I close my eyes and focus.  The sorcery power is there, ready to bend and shape, to show me what this ring can do.  A sense of being light or weightless, it is working!  Then a darkness, and a vision of the witch Miranda appears in front of me.  She starts weaving a curse.  I open my eyes in a start.  The vision seems so real, like she was standing in front of me.  I rest, for working the sorcery is new to me.  I tell about the ring being light, but also cursed, like the other ring he found. 

Brute takes the ring and puts it on.  Nothing happens.  Knowing the curse, I am confident the Light will remove it.  Naturally, we try to remove it, and the curse holds it strong.  Then Camino, one of my new followers, pats Brute on the back, making him float to the far end of the room.  Brute's expressions are quite comical and I must cover my laughter, so I do not upset him.  The more Brute tries to control himself, the worse he becomes.  He tries to swing his sword, but has very little leverage, and his motions make me laugh even more.  Sometimes laugher is good medicine.

About the codex, all during our visit to Kalif, I bite my lip, hoping he doesn't ask me.  The conversations become precarious, but the whirly witty words of the Amazing Trevor spin a magnificent tale of our travels, thus, keeping Kalif from asking sharp questions.  I escape without saying a word.  Perhaps the Amazing Trevor has found a niche.

As we leave the palace, we see a heavily guarded caravan enter.  Brute and I notice something odd with the wagons.  I am not sure what I saw, but Brute is very impatient, willing his sword to ask the questions.  I calm Brute, for a confrontation here with little proof, can only end worse for us.  We agree to return this evening to investigate more.  I must stop writing this entry, for we are all here now, planning our next move.

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