Friday, December 19, 2014

Neo School Hack: Wood Dragons (Leaf Dragons)

Wood dragons are creatures of the element of wood.  They appear in shades of green or brown, often with bark or leaf patterns which make them difficult to spot in the wild.
  • Chopped/innate, constant: wood dragons are vulnerable to elemental metal and take an extra wound from this type of magic
  • Saurian Soaring/innate, constant: dragons have large, powerful wings which give them the power of flight.
  • Pollen Breath/innate, focus, encounter: a poison pollen breath weapon; covers a 45 degree cone out to 60 feet; damage of 4 wounds, halved if make a Brawn save; victims take an extra wound the next round from the poison spores unless a curative is applied immediately

  • Thorn Field/focus: placing a claw on the ground, the dragon causes a wide field of thorns to spring up from the ground (or floor) in a 100 foot radius; all creatures in the area when it sprouts must make a Daring save or lose 1 wound; any movement in the field requires a Daring save each turn or lose 1 wound
  • Pollen Swirl/encounter: with a mighty wing flap the earth dragon conjures up a thick, swirling  cloud of poisonous pollen in a 100 foot radius; creatures in the cloud must pass a Brawn save each round they are in the cloud or take one wound from poison
  • Thorn Hedge/focus, encounter: with a bit of concentration, you cause a very dense hedge of dangerous thorny brambles to sprout up to 600 square feet in height and length and 18 inches in thickness; it remains for 10 minutes or one action scene
  • Chameleon Contrivance/constant: wood dragons are normally shades of green or brown but they can also consciously change to match their background, becoming almost invisible; -4 to Awareness checks to spot them if they are motionless, -2 if moving slowly
  • Barkscale/focus, rested: Letting the elemental power flow through all parts of its body, the dragon transforms into a huge, mobile tree; lasts until the dragon decides to change back; the transformation takes about a minute either way.
  • Scaly Sorcery: the dragon has studied a wizard grimoire and can cast one spell from it; dragons only become fascinated with one grimoire and will learn only spells from that one tome; this talent may be taken once for every spell in that grimoire.

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