Monday, November 26, 2012

BESM White Monk

Okay, so what the heck, I guess if I'm posting the chakra jutsus for the White Monk class I should put the class itself out there too.  As with all my BESM classes, it's built with 40 character points (CP) at the starting Novice level.

White Monk

    The White Monk comes from the Bangaa culture.  Few non-Bangaa are allowed to study at a White Monk Dojo.  The Bangaa religious tradition has only White Monks, Templars (a type of Paladin), and Bishops (White Mage).  To become a Templar or Bishop, one must first become a White Monk and then prove oneself worthy of the honor.  The White Monks use a unique class of fist weapons, from some like hardened gloves up to gauntlets with short blades or spikes.

Novice Kit [40 CP]

    Armour 1 [2 CP]
    Combat Techniques (Brutal, Critical Strike, Deflection, Hardboiled,
        Lethal Blow) [10 CP]
    Divine Relationship, Level 1 [2 CP]
    Energy Bonus, Level 1 [2 CP]
    Environmental Influence (Light), Level 1 [2 CP]
    Healing, Level 1 [4 CP]
    Heightened Awareness, Level 1 [2 CP]
    Massive Damage (Focused—Unarmed), Level 1 [4 CP]
    Melee Attack (unarmed), Level 1 [3 CP]
    Melee Defense (unarmed), Level 1 [3 CP]
    Organizational Ties, Level 1 [2 CP]
    Tough, Level 1 [2 CP]

    Acrobatics, Level 1 [2 CP]
    Controlled Breathing, Level 1 [1 CP]
    Occult, Level 1 [3 CP]

    Special Requirement (Faith) [-4 CP]

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