Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pathfinder Online: insane Kickstarter project

Okay, so Goblinworks has put up a Kickstarter project for its Pathfinder Online MMORPG.  What seems insane to me is that the goal is $1 million!  However, it does already have over 400 backers and over $40,000 pledged on just the first day.  There is a pretty big Pathfinder community out there and always people looking for a new MMO to play.  But still.  And I have to wonder how many Pathfinder players will want to play it as a table top game and also as a computer MMO.

Personally, I'm firmly in the table top gaming camp now.  It's what I started with (back before the terms "table top" and "MMORPG" had even been invented) and I prefer it for the human interaction.  Yes, online games include "interaction" with other humans but a lot of them are a**holes and you can't boot them from the game.  I'll be tempted to try the MMO version of Pathfinder, having played World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Dofus, and D&D Online.  But I'd probably have to get a new computer to handle it, so maybe not.

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