Monday, November 26, 2012

Chakra Jutsu, for my BESM White Monk class

Okay, so today I'm offering some more cool stuff for the five other people on the planet still playing Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM).  My last campaign world (may it rest in peace) ripped off a lot of stuff from the Final Fantasy series of video games--mostly from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.  One class I was particularly interested in was the White Monk, which is a monk with cool fist weapons and some chakra energy abilities.  So, I put together a set of chakra abilities for my White Monks.  They also had some stuff stolen from the paladins, since I saw them as a sort of martial arts paladin.

Chakra Jutsu

    The White Monks have developed many techniques, called jutsu, which allow them to concentrate their innate chakra energy and then channel it.  To use a jutsu, a monk assumes the special summoning posture and focuses the required chakra energy (Activation -2: takes 1 round).  Once the jutsu is activated it will remain powered for use for one minute (Duration +3).  However, after the duration is passed, the chakra energy will be expended (Depete 1: -10 EP).

Chakra Sight
    Allows the monk to use melee, unarmed, and ranged attacks and defenses even when totally unable to see. (Combat Techniques: Blind Fighting and Blind Shooting).

Chakra Power
    The monks attacks are boosted with chakra energy, doing more damage (+2 to damage multiplier).

Chakra Strike
    The monk adds chakra energy to hit vital points (Critical Strike 1; critical damage is x3)

Chakra Shield
    Chakra energy is channeled to form a spherical energy shield around the monk, and anyone holding or being held by the channeler.  (Force Field 2; Armor +8; 5 times per day)

Chakra Immunity
    Chakra energy shields the monk from attack by elemental or divine forces. (Resistance 2; +2 to resist attacks by a specified element)

Chakra Quake
    The monk punches the ground (or any hard surface), sending a shock wave against a target. (Quake effect added to normal punch damage; target need Body save vs. 15 or knocked down and stunned)

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