Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hacking Old School Hack: The Wizard Class

Okay, I finished my Wizard class for Old School Hack.  Just five more to go!


Classic Weapon: staff

Detect Magic/constant:  From years of experience you can sense arcane energies by merely taking a moment and focusing, and by taking the time to make an actual Awareness check you may be able to discern the source or nature of those energies.

Dispell Magic/focus-rested: The ability to summon arcane powers includes the reverse: the ability to dispell those powers.  With a bit of focus the wizard can dispell any spell he knows which has been cast by someone of the same level or lower.  If casting it to block a focus spell being cast by an opponent, the wizard must make a successful Daring check against the other caster's Commitment.

Arcane Bolt/focus-encounter:  This spell shoots out a magical bolt that automatically hits anything in your arena or an adjacent one, doing 2 points of damage, no need to roll.  By taking a hit point of damage yourself, you can increase the damage to 3 points.

Sleep/focus-rested: Your character can make his or her voice take on a particularly somber
and restful tone. Doing so, you can make two opponents or any number
of Minions in your arena that can hear you fall asleep by making a
successful Charm test vs. their Commitment(s). They’ll sleep through any
noise, but a good shake or swift kick is all it takes to wake them.

Book of Power/constant (item): You have acquired a magical tome, perhaps found, stolen, or given to you, in which hold a great many secrets, spells and lore. By spending a couple of minutes looking things up, you always know a single important fact about any given subject, either given to you by the DM or made up on the spot (per DM approval).

Arcane Armor/focus-rested: The Wizard conjures an aura of magical force providing protection of +1 to AC for one hour.

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