Monday, May 12, 2014

Neo School Hack: the Dervish/Houri Class

Okay, so here's my next class for Neo School Hack.  This one is inspired partly by real life whirling dervishes and belly dancers and partly by the Dancer class from some of the Final Fantasy games.


The Dervish (male) or Houri (female) is a dancer with aspects of a thief, and a mystic.

Classic Weapon: dart

Endless Darts/constant: You like to always have a cache of sharp things hidden around your
person, which you can use above and beyond your main weapon as a secondary Ranged or Light weapon. Any attempts to disarm you will always result in your having at least one small blade somewhere that was missed. These darts do not count towards your total number of weapon types.

Nimble/always: Years of training in body movements, dance, and acrobatic maneuvers makes the Dervish/Houri extremely nimble; gain an extra +2 when Defending and +2 to any Cunning or Daring checks involving balance, acrobatics, or other tricky physical maneuvers.

Blurring Whirl/encounter: By spinning with mystical energy, the Dervish/Houri whirls around so fast that he or she becomes a blur; -2 to any attacks on the dancer.

Awesome Trance/rested-focus: By dancing into a trance state the Dervish/Houri can summon mystical energies; gain 1 AP.

Center of Attention/encounter-focus: The Dervish/Houri bursts into an amazing acrobatic-dance routine wrapped in mystical powers; all creatures nearby must make a Commitment save or just stand there watching with amazement.

Whirlwind Strikes/always-focus: After building up momentum, the Dervish/Houri is able to make one normal attack against each adjacent enemy.

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