Monday, May 5, 2014

The Journal of Katherine, Entry 49

This is the same day as my entries 46 and 47, my story continues of how we are freeing the captives from the Lady Caldwell's house...

I am relieved that Trevor is fine and among us, as his solo trip to scout the house was not his demise.  I worried too much about.  But he is only half here, as I can hear his voice, but not see him.  Turning my attention to the injured, I call upon the Light to save the man that fell moments ago trying to kill me, for if given the chance, he can do some good.  I talk to Brute about Kull's behavior with the driver, but Brute replies that everyone in the house is guilty and must die.  Kull agrees.  I do not like their answers and they disregard the laws.  Were the men we fought just servants acting on orders?  We hear more people coming closer and we must move.  We choose down the stairs.  I leave the unconscious man and follow.

The stairs open to a large basement room with five doors.  Kull destroys a large black abomination of the witch that broke through a strong metal door.  We already fought this before in the crypt of the mansion.  Brute manages to stop more guards from entering the room from the stairs.  Seeing how the room is now safe for me to move, I make my way to the doorway where the statue came from.  Ohm Uri entered this room earlier, slipping past Kull fighting the statue.  Then I hear a high pitched loud scream from a man.  Is it Ohm Uri?  Or Trevor, with him invisible, I don't know where he is?  Then the scream is silent.  My heart skips a beat.

All is forgotten when I see the cruelty done to humanity in this torture chamber.  I fight a sickening feeling.  Cages are in places around the room.  My first thought: who would do such a thing?  People both alive and dead are in the cages.  The smell of decaying flesh, urine and feces are overwhelming. Some people look tortured, and their skin hangs loosely over their skeletons, void of muscle and tissue. 

Then a most strange sight, a body of the masked man prone on the floor, his hands clutching between his legs, his throat cut.  And a very bloody Ohm Uri chasing after a set of floating keys, unlocking cage after cage.  Trevor is alive and well, and doing the best he can to help.  But the captives are held in fear of this new vision of Ohm Uri, bloodied after his knife cut the last life from another defenseless man. 

Knowing Trevor is fine, I turn back to see how Brute and Kull are doing before I focus on helping the captives.  Surprisingly, Brute charges towards me and I narrowly jump out of the way.  He has an unnatural fear expressed on his face.  Then I see Kull go down fighting, surrounded by the witch's guards.  Kull has saved me numerous times and I must try to save him.  I would be cut down before I could get to him, so a diversion is necessary.  Then I see the Lady Caldwell.  She is certainly the instigator, behaving more like a witch than a proper lady.  She must be stopped.  I rationalize that the Light will be accepting of my next action.  The raw power is there, waiting for me.  If I can distract them, they will not desecrate the body of Kull and I can revive him later.  I thrust the raw energy towards her and close my eyes.

I get her attention!  And the guard's.  Kull is safe for a little while longer.  Then she reaches out to me with her witchcraft.  A strange effect causes my body to warm and to pull my skin from my bones towards her.  I rely on my training of the divine to resist this diabolical attack.  Then it stops and I am fine.  Brute is now back.  He kills a guard, allowing me to get to Kull.  I put myself between the inhuman and its victim, and call upon the Light.  The witch reaches out to strike me in the back, for I rob her of her prey.  I focus.  I do not feel any effect of attack.  Kull lost much of his blood, and I am not sure if he is alive or dead.  To my relief, the Light restores life into Kull.  Some of his pure spilled life force gathers back into his body.  The wounds close and muscles rejoin.  In moments he gets back up to help.

Brute seizes the vial creature so she cannot fight or work her craft.  Just then a maid enters the basement from the stairs.  More strange than the floating keys, the maid claims to be Ohm Uri.  The maid continues to state that a mirror possesses people and we must get the other Ohm Uri and the witch back to it.  Brute takes control of this.  Without hesitation I take charge of the captives.  They are tortured, sick, frighten, shocked, and more may die if not helped quickly.

Trevor stays with me.  I remove the ring and he is visible again.  When I see him again, a relief comes over me, of a burden lifted.  He does not notice my concern when I see a poor attempt to create a bandage covering a wound on his side.  How noble of him to not mention his own injury.  I am beginning to trust Trevor more.  He has honored my request to refrain from using the ring, unless I allow it.  He also kept my secret.  He helps where he can, and he does not kill the defenseless.  If only he could follow the path of the Light and donate time to help.  After stabilizing the surviving captives, I check his wound.  Suddenly, an image of the masked man's open throat wound appears, how grotesque.  I shake the chilly vision away. 

As I plan the move of the captives to my temple and the dead for a viewing for relatives, I think of my explanation to my superior of my absence.  I act in the interest of the Light and to the best of my abilities.  I will state the delicate issue of council members being involved with the witch, and my superior would help in serving justice.  She would stress that I am not out of trouble, and would still show reservations of my use of sorcery.  If she does not pose a punishment, then I most certainly will upon myself, for I made a resolution to not use sorcery.  Most importantly, my friends have actions that conflict with mine and when I have reasoned with them they agree, but in the moment of anger and fighting, they loose memory of their promise.  

I turn to Trevor.   "Can you help me get the survivors to my temple?  We will need as many as we can get."

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