Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Neo School Hack: A Caravan

Okay, so here are the basics for a desert caravan.  You can use the Caravan Wallah stats for ordinary travelers with the caravan.

A Caravan

Caravan Rais (boss)
2 HP
2d10 attack; scimitar & shield

Caravan Wallah (minion)
1 HP
1d10 attack (bow or spear)

2 HP
2d10 attack (kick)
- Totally Gross/constant: target must pass an Awareness check to realize what's about to happen or a Cunning check to dodge or be incapacitated for a round from a huge gob of camel spit on the face.
- Beast of Burden/constant: can carry four Heavy Things

Tesem (hunting dog)
1 HP
2d10 attack (bite)
- On Your Trail/always: their doggy nature gives tesem dogs a fantastic ability to follow a scent trail; +4 to Awareness checks when tracking any living prey

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