Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Neo School Hack: The Bashi-Bazouk Class

Here is my next class for Neo School Hack, the Bashi-Bazouk.  The Bashi-Bazouk is a fierce native warrior who is also in touch with the spirit world.  Thanks to Andrew Shields for the bits swiped from his World Between book.


Classic Weapon: javelin

Gruesome Kill/focus:  If you inflict at least 1 more Wound than you need to for defeating your foe, you can messily destroy your once-living target.  Minions will flee from you unless something scarier compels them to stay; if in doubt, roll 2d10. If you roll higher than the number of Wounds arrayed against you, they flee.

Battle Presence/focus: If you can look an attacking foe in the eye, you can take one die from the foe’s attack. (A foe with a hand weapon would roll 2d10 instead of 3d10 to hit.) This works against one foe per use, maximum once per round. A minion will automatically run. Out of combat, you get +2 to your attempts to intimidate or resist intimidation.

Charger/encounter: You're an expert at rushing in to attack. Once per encounter, you can make both a Move action and a wild Attack action in the same round, with a +2 bonus to the attack.

Canny Prey/constant: Either a base Awareness test when none would be allowed, or +2 to a normal Awareness test, to detect traps and ambushes. You also know how to set traps, where they should be, and how they work.

Ghost Strike/encounter: Your culture is closer to the spirit world in everyday life than that of more civilized folk.  You know how to strike ghosts and spirits as though they were physical. You can use this with a melee weapon, a thrown weapon, or flame.

Spirit Friend/focus-rested: A spirit of a dead clan member has somehow become attached to you.  You can summon him or her with a few moments of calm meditation and a small offering of food or alcohol.  The spirit appears as a floating light source that follows your commands, including being able to shine as brightly as a torch or as dim as a candle.  It can also guide you towards safety for a short while.

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