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The Journal of Katherine, Entry 51

Entry 51

Today the festival comes back and hopefully the lore master, too.  We gather at the Tankard, our favorite meeting place, to further argue over the money and what to do with it.  Ohm Uri wants to buy an fancy scroll case for the scrolls he is guarding, but I have never seen them.  I stress that we cannot spend too much quickly, as that can have a bad effect on everything.  Since we don't know what to spend it on and we cannot carry that much, eventually, we decide to store the chests in the secret room of the mansion.  I will make sure there are no more spirits haunting the place.   And we want to know what magic is contained within the items we took from the witch.

Trevor does not mention one word about his promise of following the light or how I enjoyed last night.

Before we go, I alone go to dress Kull's wounds.  I did have a nice time and it will most likely be the last time I am in the company of royalties.  Let me relive the events last night one more time.  I turn to Kull and start...

"The carriage slows to turn within the gate, passing through the white walls of stone.  We are inside the palace grounds, and it is immense.  Armed guards patrol.  The carriage stops at a grand entrance of stairs leading up to a large doorway.  A servant opens the door and beckons us to follow.  Brute exists first and assists Veronica.   Then Trevor.  And he extends an arm to me.  For a brief moment a thought passes: could I live like this?  My answer: I could not live like this when I should be helping the less fortunate.  I take Trevor's arm and hold fast for tonight only."

"Too bad, Kull, you could not make it.  I continue"

"We follow the servant who leads us inside.  The ceilings are tall and intricate artwork covers the walls from the floor to the ceiling.  A large chandelier hangs here.  It casts light in many places from the many candles lit within.   He leads us into a room and says, the grand ballroom.  I am amazed.  Not only are we to have dinner, but also to be honored in front of so many others.  I am glad I spent time preparing for this, for many of the women wear dresses with multiple layers of cloth, and low cut to expose their necks and shoulders, too.  This must be to allow plain view of the gem filled necklaces they have.  The men wear clean outfits and they smell pleasantly fragrant.

Kalef is a tall man and has a moustache that is curled on both ends.  He wears a strange hat, more like loose material wound around his hair.  He speaks, introducing himself and bids us to introduce ourselves.

Trevor goes first.  Even though I am at his side, I melt away to a dark corner of the room, as I must appear as his escort or assistant.  He is in the spot light.  To put on a show in front of royalty and as the honored guest too, happens once in a lifetime.  Many minutes later, he introduces me, "Katherine..."  To make sure everyone here knows of my role, I take the lead and continue, louder so Trevor will stop, "... a Priestess of the Light."  I then brighten the lighting around me for an impressive effect.

Then Brute and Ohm Uri introduce themselves, and Veronica.  Kalef remembers the stories, or shall I write, the tall tales of Brute's other adventures.  Brute plays into being modest, for he denies every one.

He motions for us to sit and dine.  At this, I glimpse around and notice this one woman.  She is also dressed in strange clothes.  She appears very exotic and beautiful.  I check Trevor's arm in my hand.  I do not want to spoil this night with him.  I remember a different time...

After dinner, Kalef asks if we could retell the story of how we vanquished the witch.  We all point to Trevor for this honor of storytelling.

I let myself relax and watch, the Trevor I see and like the most.  I sneak a glimpse of Veronica and she is fixated on Brute.  With that nagging question answered, I let myself be captivated by his show and storytelling spell, including his accents with pyrotechnics.  After Trevor finishes, their royal show begins.  Women of exotic origin perform a dance, accompanied by a few men playing drums.  The magic of the rhythmic sounds from the drums are matched by movement of the dancers, again spellbinding.  At this, I find I have tighten my grip on Trevor's arm.  The show ends and a blur of people meet us.   As the  night wears on, all of the guests leave.  But we stay and Kalef brings two chests into the ballroom and states that he is grateful to us for saving his life.  He feels he would be next if the witch succeeded.  Fifty thousand gold coins in the chest for us.  And ..."

I hear the soft breathing of Kull, sleeping.  He seems to not hear a word in his recovering state.  Kull, may I ask you a question: what do you think of Trevor?  Last night, all was fine, except at the end, for I find out Trevor works with sorcery without understanding it or the consequences it can do.  And he does not include me or tell me about it.  Today, Kull, you are an excellent listener.

After I return to the group, we move to the festival, but are side tracked by an archery contest.  Trevor, Ohm Uri and I stand together, and I see an elf girl that is the only one with any chance of matching Brute's skill.  But today, Brute is on fire, he even splits his own arrow from a distance.  Such marksmanship!  At the elf's third try, she winks at Trevor.  What?  Why did she do that?  Does Trevor know her?  Again, what has he not told me?  I focus on the match again, and it is over.  The official declares Brute the winner!  We all cheer, but it is short lived, for Brute gives the trophy winnings to the elf girl.  What?  Did she wink at Brute too?  What is this elf girl trying?

Brute collects his arrows and I, wanting to get to the lore master without more distractions, herd them quickly.  We find him, and ask if these items are cursed.  None of the them are, or so he thinks.  Still, magic items can be dangerous, for the magic has a life of its own.

And we also discuss the coins again.  My advice I add, is that with the three houses, we will want the funds to make repairs, or we should sell the houses, if we can find buyers.  And we did not talk more of going into the desert to find the item. 

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