Saturday, December 1, 2012

D&D: Book of Vile Darkness (movie review)

Okay, so I watched the latest Dungeons and Dragons movie, Book of Vile Darkness a couple nights ago.   My wife and daughter were under the strange delusion that they had better things to do than watch it (no, really) and so I took it on single-handed.  Later, I asked all my gamer friends what they thought about it--and none of them had seen it either!  (What is wrong with you people?!)  Well, okay, one of them doesn't have cable television (it was shown on the SyFy channel)--but that's really no excuse.

Generally speaking it was typical SyFy channel "made-for-TV" quality.  It did live up to the name "Vile Darkness" in that it featured an evil party, including a fallen paladin, and they did indeed do a lot of out-and-out evil.  The basic premise of the plot was interesting: an evil party with an ex-paladin as the main protagonist.  Beyond that the plot was pretty thin.  However, there were a couple of good plot twists and a rather gratuitous sex scene.  Overall I'd say that if you're an RPG fan or fantasy genre fan give it a look.

That said, I was interested in the concept they were working with of an evil party.  As one would expect with an evil D&D party there were murders of party members by other members, party members going off on their own to commit murders and theft which bring armed reaction, etc.  It did give me the idea of putting together a post later on possible ways to successfully run campaign with an evil party.

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