Monday, December 31, 2012

My First Map!

Okay, so I'm a big fan of the charming maps over at Dyson's Dedecahedron and Lapsus Calumni.  They're simple, quite usable, and have a quiet style which I like a lot. I thoroughly recommend both sites.  I bought Matt's Moleskin Maps, Volume 1 and it's really great.  But then I was thinking that with all the maps I've made over the years, I should be able to put something up here as well.  However, the vast majority of those maps were just quick sketches with a few notes and/or a simple diagram on some graph paper.  Few were attractive enough or, in some cases, comprehensible enough to other, to warrant offering them to anyone.

So, I studied the style Dyson and Matt use for their simpler maps and last night decided to have a try.  My primary goal was to work on the various shading, texturing, and cross-hatching techniques.  Here's the simple tomb I came up with.

So, how's that?

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