Monday, December 24, 2012

Synnibarr Kickstarter...or not

Okay, so I occasionally go to Kickstarter and do a search on "rpg" to see if there are any new RPG projects available.  I just spotted one for the World of Synnibarr game.  Now, I vaguely remembered hearing about this game a year or two ago and looking it up.  My searches led me to the funniest review of a game (on I've ever read.  Check it out.  After reading that review I can't see myself ever running a campaign with this game.  However, it might make a good non-serious "off night" game--or maybe not.

Actually, I found three brutal reviews of this game, all hilarious reading:
"I tried to review it. I really did. But you can only hold your face to the blowtorch for so long"
"archers are quiet and withdrawn, that they use a bow, they have “earthpower” arrows, they they love to gamble and one once bet 10 million dollars on a wrestling match between two giants, and that they love art and have created the greatest art museum in the world which is located on the coast in a small village called Arrowville, and it takes four days to tour it...Here’s a picture of a raccoon with a bazooka."
"There are over 50 character classes, and each of them can reach 600th level."

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  1. I consider this book to be the cornerstone of my Bad RPG collection. A required possession for anyone that likes to collect role-playing books.