Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Edge of Space minigame by Matt Jackson

Okay, so one of the blogs I follow is Matt Jackson's Lapsus Calumni.  He's got a cool mini-game out called Edge of Space, available at (for the admittedly outrageous price of $1).  I immediately went over and bought it.  The pdf is just 8 pages long and comes in two formats: regular sized pages and a handy PocketMod version. Edge of Space is a simple military science fiction "you fight alien bugs in outer space" game, rather like in the Aliens or Starship Troopers films.

Players pick one of the six classes, then roll a d6 four times on the skill list for that class (a bit like the old Traveler) to see what your skills are.  There's an interesting "String" storytelling type mechanic where the players set up a connection with one of the other characters which they can use later in the game.  The rules are very simple and use 2d6 for everything.

It's very simple and bare-bones, but great if you want a quick action game.  The tiny PocketMod version allows you to carry it anywhere.  I can definitely see trying this one out with my gamers.  Should you buy this game?  Yes (dude, it's only a buck, buy it!).

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