Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Night Peoples

Okay, so for my campaign I've posited that during one major era in the past the mysterious deities of positive and negative energy (divided into the Yin Conclave and Yang Conclave) emerged from obscurity and openly struggled for control of the world.  One major artifact of this period is that the shadow influences of the Yin Conclave created three new races.  Each of these races was a sort of mirror image of the three First Peoples (humans, dwarves, and elves).  For my world these will replace the fetchlings, duergar, and drow.  They are sometimes referred to as the night people because their sensitivity to light.  This sensitivity is a major reason why they live underground and typically only come out onto the surface at night.

The three shadow cousins of the First Peoples are much like their surface dwelling cousins but with these additional attributes (for Pathfinder):

Night Peoples Template: (CR +0)

Senses: Low Light Vision (Ex) and Darkvision (Ex) to 60 feet

Weaknesses: Light Blindness (Ex) and Light Sensitivity (Ex)

Defensive Ability: Negative Energy Affinity (Ex)

Aura: Unnatural Aura (Su)

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