Thursday, December 27, 2012

Razor Coast RPG Kickstarter Begins - But Why?

Okay, so as I've mentioned before I check Kickstarter occasionally for new RPG related projects.  I am really fascinated by the whole concept of Kickstarter and may even do a project of my own in the future. It interests me from the standpoint of seeing what new things are being offered but also by what project starters think are marketable ideas.  In this latter area is the new project for the Razor Coast by Frog God Games.  It's a classic pirates RPG setting (like in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies).  They play to put the game out in two different versions, one for the Pathfinder rules system and one for the Swords & Wizardry system.

I'm glad to see that they are planning two different versions, particularly one for Pathfinder because it's currently my main system.  However I am a bit surprised they'd put up this project now, given that Paizo just finished their Skull and Shackles pirate adventure path, complete with an additional campaign setting book, item cards, player's guide, poster map folio, stand-up pawns, paper miniatures, and even pirate ship game maps.  So I would think that most people interested in a Pathfinder-based pirates campaign setting already bought Paizo's and are probably quite happy with their purchase given Paizo's well-deserved reputation for quality.  Sure, the Razor Coast will be different--but different enough that people who already have the Skull and Shackles products will buy into a second set of products?

In addition, this is apparently the second offering of the Razor Coast.  From what I've read the first time the developers took pre-orders but then cancelled the project--and kept the money.  There have been a number of angry postings on the Paizo Publishing message boards about that incident.  Now, apparently that was not a Frog God Games project, but I wouldn't be surprised if people were still leery of joining this Kickstarter project.  And even then the products in the project appear to be overpriced compared to similar products.

Well, it will be interesting to see how they fare.

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