Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Madness Non-D&D Blog Challenge: Day 15: What pseudo or alternate history RPG have you enjoyed most?

Hmm, this is pretty much the same question (for me) as Day 14's question.  Chivalry & Sorcery was as historical and as pseudo-historical a game as I've ever run.  And the Call of Cthulhu game I'm playing in now (hi, Steve) is done in a very historical style with great attention to detail--but with Cthulhu mythos and other occult elements.

But I did recently re-subscribe to Paizo's adventure path.  The new one starting this month is set in Osirion, the "not-Egypt" of Pathfinder's game world of Golarion.  I've always been an ancient Egypt fanboy and so this AP is right up my alley.  They're even introducing Pathfinder-ized (Golarionized?) versions of the ancient Egyptian pantheon as the ancient gods of Osirion.  I'm not sure how they'll explain suddenly introducing another entire ~20 god pantheon into their game world after all this time--but I'm not sure I really care.  I'd love to run a campaign set in Osirion.  I'd even work in Pathfinderized versions of the AD&D Desert of Desolation modules which we enjoyed playing in college.

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