Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mutant Chronicles, 3E Public Beta Playtest

Okay, so a long time back I came across some wargaming magazine about something called Warzone or Mutant Chronicles.  I wasn't sure what exactly the whole game was about but it had some cool minis--unfortunately I quickly found out that the game was already out of production. Dang.  Now the Mutant Chronicles game is back as an RPG on Kickstarter (2 days to go!) and they have a pdf public beta playtest.  I quickly downloaded it and read through it.

Well, the rules seem very straightforward and logical, although the damage dice rolls are slightly unusual.  The playtest comes with four pre-gen characters and a pretty cool adventure.  It's a sort of techno-Cthulhu type horror deal with a crazy cat lady on the side.  The artwork was very good and the general page layout and design was great as well.  I recommend checking it out.  I'll very likely join the Kickstarter for this one.

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