Sunday, March 9, 2014

Superheroes? Well, maybe in an anime manner...

Okay, so today's RPG March Madness question was about what superhero games I've enjoyed.  Well, I'm really not into the genre, so that's tough to answer.  A couple of my gaming buddies (hello, Bill and Dan!) have run a couple interesting games which I enjoyed more for the story lines than the genre per se.  But when it comes to superheroes, there are sort of two types: one with actual super powers and ones without, such as Batman, Ironman, or Black Widow.  I'm a lot more comfortable with the non-super heroes--but then the action can't be as over-the-top as with supers.

So if I was to play something with over-the-top action, like people getting punched a hundred meters through the air and smashing into a building, where could I go and not feel it's really cheesy?  Well my friend (and fellow DM) Steve kindly responded to my supers post.  Steve is an anime fan and so that got me thinking that I would probably enjoy an anime-type game where people essentially have super powers but not with the classic comic book type setting.

RPG rules-wise you could probably use any of the current supers games.  In fact all you really need to do is swap in some anime-style artwork, tweak the flavor text, and rework any chunks of fiction and you're there.  Suddenly I'm playing a "supers" game and loving it--because nobody's wearing a leotard.

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