Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Madness Non-D&D Blog Challenge: Day 26: What RPG based on an IP did you enjoy most?

I haven't played too many RPGs based on an intellectual property (IP).  There are quite a lot out there now.  In the early days I remember we were constantly wishing that someone would do a game based on X.  But for this challenge question I'll have to say Call of Cthulhu.  Star Wars was a close second, but I haven't played it a lot.

I first came across the Call of Cthulhu novels around the end of my college days.  I was immediately thrilled with them and quickly bought up every one I could find.  Naturally when an RPG appeared for it I pounced on it.  I'm in a CoC game now, after all these years, and it's still fantastic.

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