Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review: Dagger

Okay, so I just got a free copy of Dagger, Supplemental Rules for Classic Role-playing with Kids by Brave Halfling Press for entering Erik Tenkar's OSR Superstar contest over at Tenkar's Tavers.  The rules are a 14-page pdf of which 7 pages are the actual rules--and in this case the low ratio of pages with stuff vs. pages without stuff is very good news.

Dagger takes the already fairly simple OD&D rules and simplifies them down even further.  It's really all you need to get started--but note that it is a supplement and not a complete stand-along rules set.  It is designed to make character creation and play easy and assumes the DM is already generally familiar with OD&D.  For instance, there are no ability scores!  The major things missing from Dagger which you'll need to bring in from elsewhere are equipment lists, treasure tables, and magic items.

I think this set of rules accomplishes what it sets out to do and it would work not only as rules for young kids but older "kids" as well.

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