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The Journal of Katherine, Entry 46

Author's note:  I must give credit to a part of the Finnish epoch Kalevala, where the old steady singer of songs travels north on his sleigh, meets a fair maiden, and bids her to be his wife.  But the maiden has other thoughts and a conversation with a bird happens.  I borrowed lightly from this and wove it into this journal entry.

Entry 46

In a brief moment, I have what seems like hours or days to think and ponder the decisions to my choices, but, as soon as I leave Trevor behind and thank him for his kindness and step in my temple, I am welcomed by a young acolyte, requesting my name.  This is a formality, for she already knows my name, yet I have not seen her.  I follow her to see the One in charge.

My heart sinks for the news of my past reaches Aden and this temple.  I divert my eyes from her, as she asks about what I know and practice of the dark arts.  Careful in my words, for this will be bad if I fail this test, I look at her and see a glow beyond words - one of which I can only hope to be graced with some day before I pass from this world.  I lock eye contact and she sees within me my true commitment to the Light.  I handle my self wisely, explaining that all of what I do is for the Light, and I only use the sorcery that I know also for the Light.

There are still two issues I should discuss.  I am ready to lay bare all of my thoughts on this courtship offer from Trevor - I just have to state it.  Uncontrolled thoughts race through my mind, giving me panicked visions of the chastity belt, multiple day lectures of such courtships, isolation, deprivation, starvation or the daily guidance in council session after session.  Instead, I reveal that I broke one of my vows when we fought the changeling, but she didn't think so, stating that I was fine in my actions.

I am shown a room where I can stay.  My room is small, about the size of my body is tall, in each dimension.  A small box is under the wooden bed for my writing things, and a candle is on a desk.  I did not use that last night when writing my journal, for I prefer to use a less archaic light.  No door exists to close out anyone, but a lovely arch, delicately graceful, hangs over the doorway.  I relax to sleep thinking of my past few days.  Earlier I had nightmares for many nights.  Then they stopped, to be replaced by a different dream or a possible vision.  It happened when the one friend whom I denied my own feelings for laid open his plans.  Trevor stated rather bluntly and surprisingly to court me.  Before, I thought he was not sincere.  In my curiosity I had to know if all was true.  And I blame myself for forcing him to tell.  Is it what I want?  I drift to my sleep, finally a nice peaceful slumber.

A short sleep it seems now.  I wake to the sounds of morning work, for we must get an early start to the day.  I leave my belongings in my room as I wear only my blue dress that Brute bought for me, and file out with the others to do our cleaning chores.  I do not mind, even though I just came back from the north, dodging goblin patrols, getting tossed off a boat, enduring an avalanche, fighting a changeling, counter charming the mass of refugees and the news of a friend's plans.  But, I can find this place likeable, a place of peace, a refuge.  I sing while I work.  It makes the work enjoyable.  My mind wanders to Trevor's offer - should I ... 

This older man, one that studies illusionology, comes to me and asks me to be his wife.  I imagine a sparrow or song bird to sit on my shoulder, just chirping away.  I sigh and ask of the illusion, to sing so that I may hear, which is better, more divine - to be a priestess in the temple, or a wife in a husband's house?
The bird twitters and chats these words: "nice is a bright sunny day to bathe, but brighter still is the priestess in the nave; cold as steel in ice, yet colder still: in a husband's house - a wife.  A Lady of the Light shines like a priest; while a wife, in a husband's house, is a dog on a leash."

Surprised at the gravity of the chirps from an imaginary featherweight, I focus back to my work.  But, if I made such impossible demands, such as bending rocks like rope, peel paint from a wall, or grow a plant with no dirt.  No, He would find a way to do those, without breaking a sweat.  Better and more improbable as well as nearly impossible: have him continually give to the poor.  But, if he did even that for me, I would be bound by my own accord.  It this what I want?

Soon we file into the hall to eat.  Oatmeal, my favorite!  And apples.  But I quickly look at the others and all only have one, so, I follow and only take one.  After chores and the meal, others must work their assigned duties, and for me, none were assigned, so I have free time.  Since I wanted to get more form fitting armor, I gather mine, suit up, braid my hair, mount my helm and walk to the other temple, the one of law, where I remember we got the magic weapons, one of which is the mace I carry now. 

I inquire of Priest Lore, whom I met before.  He is busy but will be available in an hour, his assistant says.  I wait.  I wander about the nave and the chapel, comparing the building styles, the arch ways, the frames of the windows and the walls of this temple.  It is too utilitarian compared to my temple.  The temple of the Light has its beauty of sweeping elegant curves and the open, warm feeling. 

"Katherine!"  A familiar voice jerks me out of my critique - Brute and - Trevor greet me.  Trevor begins to say something, "I'm saved!" by Lore's assistant for he cut Trevor short, stating that Lore is able to see me now.  I follow in to Lore's office.  Sparking clean is an understatement.  Lore is having his feet washed, too.  I am glad I do not belong to the law temple, for I would not want to be stuck washing his feet.  Anyway, I make a petition to review the items in their armory again, for I am looking for a better fitting set of armor.  My request was not in vain, for I found a copper colored suit of scale armor with a matching helm that resembles a bird.  I exchange my old armor for this.  A bird, the second one today, is it a sign?

Best if I not say anything to Trevor, and hopefully he forgets.  I focus on the issues so I will not fall to his spell again.  The three of us walked as Brute led the way to the inn.  At the rather verbal expressions of my hungry body, Brute taunts me by asking if I want any food.  Wanting to be content my reply is: I am fine.  Brute is not satisfied with my answer, and instead listens to the more vocal part of my body, how embarrassing.  He suggests that I am not forth coming with all of the truth.  I obligingly accept to partake in a little indulgence of a second breakfast. 

I enter the inn, and see the huge Kull sleeping and almost hiding behind an equally sizable mound of empty dishes.  And Boomtuck is picking over a plate of food.  Then more food is served.  It is plentiful and smells delicious.  I eat just a little for I want to deny myself of gluttony.  Then sleeping Kull, in a fit grabs his neck like he is choking and wakes up.  He mentions of a dream that he had twice now, where he is choked by some one that he cannot see.  This reminds me of my dreams, but more of the recent one with Trevor and the witch taking him.  I tell the group about it.  Brute mumbles something about a spider.  I want to state more of the significance of Trevor, but Ohm Uri enters with a few nice sized fish and the smell.  We talk about a festival being held soon, and of the council, how they were replaced after the previous council were killed.  I mention a Lady Caldwell, a relative of Remy Natale that is a new addition to the council.  That reminds us about the mansion.  Ohm Uri stated that many items were removed. 

We go back to the mansion and check.  We head to the room where I stayed before, and the oval mirror was removed.  Then we went through the secret door down to the cell.  The smell of rotten flesh greets us, as we discover a new body in the cell, tortured. It is the body of Kevin the mute servant.  I feel for Kevin, and can only image the suffering he endured.  Then I see Brute's strain on his face and the determination in his eyes.  Three victims, two that died, we have discovered in this place.

Ohm Uri returns from the attic, where he says there is a different mirror.  A little less fishy smell in the air - finally, Ohm Uri washed, but in the attic?  We take the body of Kevin and bury it next to the other unnamed body we found in the cell.  I say a few words for Kevin, and we depart in silence.

We want to find more about this house and the council, so we head next to the secular area.  It is a blur of people and strange customs.  An issue I hear is about a slavers, and that guards are doubled at the docks.  Another has a dispute over land.  Trevor wants to get a good look at the Lady of Caldwell - odd.  But all members are wearing porcelain masks that allow their mouths to speak, yet keep their identity secret.  There were two women on the council, and so, which one is her.  The Lady is rumored to be caring for a young boy - most likely Broderick.

I am being called, and so will continue later...

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